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New Kid on the Rock

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

York born climber Hamish McArthur is just one of the young athletes we've helped through our sporting events.

At the ripe old age of 11 ...yes, 11 he was already showing great promise and became the youngest member in the Great Britain Climbing Squad.

Fast forward to 2018 in an international open competition called ‘The CWIF’, as a result of his performance and finishing position Hamish was selected for the GB senior climbing team! This was a huge honour and quite unexpected, at only 16 years of age he is one of the youngest male athletes to be chosen the represent his country in the GB team. In the very same year Hamish managed to win every national youth competition he entered, including the Junior Bouldering Championships (JBBC’s) to become British Champion!

Hamish turned 16 last year and was given permission to climb at the British Lead Climbing Championships in Edinburgh for the first time as a senior, rather than a junior. This meant that he was climbing against the best adult competition climbers in the UK. He made the top 8 to get to the final. Hamish was placed second to Will Bosi, who is our best British male climber and a real prospect to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Which ever way you look at it, to be second in Great Britain is a great feeling and an amazing achievement at such a young age!

All Hail Hamish!

We wish you all the best Hamish and for your talent to take you to ever greater dizzy heights!

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